About Us

We are a family owned and operated business. Offering secured and heated storage/workshop use. Need extra space, or if you have outgrown your garage, this is THE cleanest, nicest, and most secure active use storage facility in the entire state of Washington. Customer service is very critical to us, and that all clients are treated equally with respect. We have a stern set of rules, guidelines, and a certain culture here that we try to keep in place! It is only for the benefit of our current and future customers. Many current customers have complimented us for sticking to our designated rules and guidelines. We are always open to suggestions and try our hardest to keep everyone satisfied. It is very important to us! If you have storage needs, hobbies, or need a place to work on vehicle projects, and more, then this is your one stop!


Established in 2006.

Open for business since 2009/2010.

Garage Plus Storage is comprised of two partners. Dan Simon has been involved in real estate since he was 19 years of age. He has done many beautiful projects in the local region of Washington state. Including land development, senior living and waterfront housing developments, Ruston’s first condominium project, and many more large land acquisition deals before embarking on Garage Plus. GaragePlus has been around 10 years now since its original inception. Buildings were available in 2010 after a two year permitting process with Pierce County. The other half of GaragePlus is Clair and his wife Nancy. Clair is an entrepreneur himself, and has does great things for the community.