Benefits For RV Owners

Don’t leave your RV out in the cold! Bring it to Garage Plus Storage where it will be treated like a king! Here are a few of the major benefits to storing your RV at Garage Plus Storage.

State-Of-The-Art Security
We have an infrared enhanced fence around the entire complex with two gated entrances with keypads. We have motion detectors working 24/7. We have 25 cameras recording day and night, every day of the week. You have a keypad on the outside of your storage unit.
Fire Security
Each unit is wired with its own sprinkler and fire alarm system. What does this mean for you? Your RV won’t be getting wet if someone else’s fire alarm goes off.
Wide Driving Aisles
No more dealing with tight corners and hidden curbs. We have wide driving aisles to make turning, backing up and driving your RV a breeze at Garage Plus Storage.
14' Doors And High Ceilings
All of our units have 14’ tall doors and ceilings that start at 17’ and go up to 20’. So when we say we have room for your prize RV, we really mean it.
RV Washing Station
Our washing station was built with every type of vehicle in mind, including your RV. Oh, by the way, our covered pressure washing station has a toll free air and water station.
24/7 Access
This means you can drop your RV off at any time and pick it up at any time.
Graywater Dump Area
We have a safe graywater dump area for your RV. We truly thought of everything you could need to store your RV at Garage Plus Storage.
It is easy to start your vacation when your RV is stored at Garage Plus Storage. Here are the steps!
  1. Drive to Garage Plus Storage.
  2. Pull your RV out.
  3. Drive your car in the unit.
  4. Drive off in your RV to start your vacation.
See how easy that is? If you liked what you read, then you need to get your private tour today!