Give Your Garage A New Lease On Life

Do you have a messy, unorganized garage? So messy and unorganized that you can’t park your car in it? That defeats the purpose of having a garage. A garage is not for storing sentimental items, old clothes, new and old projects, tools, and other things that seem to seep into the space.

 We have four handy tips on how to give your garage a new lease on life.

Sort through your things
You should have a garbage stack, a giveaway stack and a storage stack.

Ask yourself these three questions when going through your items.

  • Do I love this item?
  • Do I need this item?
  • When was the last time I used this item?
  • Would someone else appreciate this more than me?

Once you have dealt with the garbage and giveaway stack, you are left with the storage stack.

Box up your items and put them in storage
Whatever you have left after you are done with the purge, should be items that you use regularly, are sentimental or season specific. You should box up your sentimental and season specific items and bring them to Garage Plus Storage. You can lease to own a garage space for a moderate monthly fee. The radiant in floor heating will keep your sentimental items from mildewing. You can’t say the same about your basement or shed.

Clean, Clean, Clean
Get a few family members to join you in cleaning the garage after the purge. Sweep the floor, scrub the walls, and brush out the cobwebs.

Remove any damaged, bulky, ugly, or horizontal cabinets. Paint the walls a bright and cheery color. Install vertical cabinet to utilize ceiling space and make room for your car.

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