It Wouldn’t Look This Cool Next To A Tricycle: How To Create The Ultimate Harley Man Cave

Your Harley deserves its own space and so do you. The garage used to be that space, only now it has been overtaken by storage, the car and the dreaded pink tricycle. Your Harley just doesn’t have that same cool factor sitting in a corner collecting dust.

You need a place to call your own, where you can relax, work on your Harley and live up the dream life.

You need a Harley Man Cave.

Now you could go and build an addition to your home or remodel that old shed, but who really has the time to do that? What you really need is a Garage Plus Storage Ultimate Harley Man Cave.
We’ve already come up with the Ultimate Harley setup.

Step One
Get a Garage Plus Storage space.

Step Two
Add custom flooring.

Step Three
Frame and put up your Harley posters. If you don’t have any Harley posters, we have a great resource for finding the posters here.

Step Four
Install a relaxation loft to maximize your space.

Step Five
Bring your big screen to your Man cave and put it up in the loft. (There is cable hook up in every space)

Step Six
Furnish your Man cave with a Harley bar stool and a Harley recliner.

Step Seven
Have a custom cabinet for your tools brought in.

Step Eight
Install shelves to proudly display your Harley collectibles.

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