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Freaks Of Nature Show – May 2015

Another Great show in 2015. Thanks for everyone’s help that participated in putting the show together and to everyone that brought out their awesome rides!

Clink link below for more pics.

Camaro & Corvette Show – July 2014

Some beautiful Chevys showed up for this show. Events are always a great time at G+.!!

Lay’d Out In The Northwest – May 2014

Another awesome show from the guys @ Lay’d Out Car Club. A variety of great rides for this generation of enthusiasts!

Pierce County’s Premier Storage Facility

Garage Plus is Pierce County’s Premier Storage Facility
Garage Plus Storage is a safe, secure, custom designed space that you can lease or own with 24 hour access and on-site security! It is a place to escape to and use for fun, for storing your items, your business materials, and/or prized possessions.

These private, secure, and active use storage units are as premium and personalized as you desire. You can lease or even purchase your space so let your imagination go and design it to your specific needs or wants.

Mustang and T-Bird Show – 2013

The Mustang and T-bird Show was a blast! We had music, BBQ and raffles!

Lay’d Out In the Northwest

Lay’d Out In the Northwest competition

Charity 4×4 and Truck Show

Charity 4×4 & Truck Show



The 2012 All Camaro Show had a great turnout! We hope you enjoy this highlights video. Which one of the Camaros is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


Check out this video of a 2011 Camaro SLP ZL1! It sure makes us excited about the All Camaro show on Saturday!


Love these Vintage Camaros! Can’t wait for the All Camaro Show at Garage Plus this Saturday, starting at 5pm!


If the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible doesn’t get your heart racing, have someone check your pulse! Because you might be dead!


Now this is a Camaro! All Camaro Lovers must watch this video!


This car show looks like it was fun! Stop in today at 5pm for our All Camaro Show here at Garage Plus!

The Top 5 Reasons A Garage Plus Unit Can Benefit Your Business

Want to improve your business space and save money? Then maybe you should consider getting a Garage Plus Unit. Here are the top five reasons to get a Garage Plus Unit for your business.

1. Give Your Office More Space
Is your office getting cluttered with things you need kept safe? Our units are built for storing and preserving your precious files. The radiant in-floor heating the comes standard with every unit helps reduce the chances of mildew by providing dry even heat.. So you can have the spacious office of your dreams, AND keep your stuff safe.

2. Company Vehicles
Garage Plus Storage is a perfect place to store your company vehicles. Your vehicles would be easy to access 24/7 to all of your employees AND it would unclutter your driveway. Big or small, we have room for them all. We have units as big as 18’x55’. We will also keep your vehicle safe with 24/7 security.

3. Package & Palettes Accepted
You can have all of your shipments delivered straight to Garage Plus Storage. We will sign for the small packages, and hold them in our office until you can pick them up. This could save you a lot of time.

4. Save Money Per Square Foot
Per square foot, storing your inventory at Garage Plus Storage is probably more cost effective than storing it at your home office or retail space. Don’t throw away money paying more than you should to store your records, inventory, or equipment.

5. A Storage Unit That Perfect For YOU
Our units are fully customizable to fit your every need. Want to add a loft to make better use of these high ceilings? We can do that. Need some cabinets added? Sure thing. Need additional racks and shelves? We can do that too. The possibilities for your storage units are almost limitless!

Schedule your private tour today to learn more about how Garage Plus can benefit your business.

Give Your Garage A New Lease On Life

Do you have a messy, unorganized garage? So messy and unorganized that you can’t park your car in it? That defeats the purpose of having a garage. A garage is not for storing sentimental items, old clothes, new and old projects, tools, and other things that seem to seep into the space.

 We have four handy tips on how to give your garage a new lease on life.

Sort through your things
You should have a garbage stack, a giveaway stack and a storage stack.

Ask yourself these three questions when going through your items.

  • Do I love this item?
  • Do I need this item?
  • When was the last time I used this item?
  • Would someone else appreciate this more than me?

Once you have dealt with the garbage and giveaway stack, you are left with the storage stack.

Box up your items and put them in storage
Whatever you have left after you are done with the purge, should be items that you use regularly, are sentimental or season specific. You should box up your sentimental and season specific items and bring them to Garage Plus Storage. You can lease to own a garage space for a moderate monthly fee. The radiant in floor heating will keep your sentimental items from mildewing. You can’t say the same about your basement or shed.

Clean, Clean, Clean
Get a few family members to join you in cleaning the garage after the purge. Sweep the floor, scrub the walls, and brush out the cobwebs.

Remove any damaged, bulky, ugly, or horizontal cabinets. Paint the walls a bright and cheery color. Install vertical cabinet to utilize ceiling space and make room for your car.

Want to know more? Schedule your private tour of Garage Plus Storage today!

Man Caves Gallery


Your man cave, your way. At Garage Plus Storage you can have a rock and roll man cave, an office man cave, a hockey man cave, a recording studio man cave, the possibilities are endless!

Top ten man caves? Check out this video with the top ten best man caves from the Man Caves show! At Garage Plus Storage, you can have your very own man cave of epic proportions.





This baseball man cave is a home run! Garage Plus Storage can provide a place for your very own man cave!

How you customize your man cave is up to you! Check out this great baseball man cave.





Benefits For RV Owners

Don’t leave your RV out in the cold! Bring it to Garage Plus Storage where it will be treated like a king! Here are a few of the major benefits to storing your RV at Garage Plus Storage.

State-Of-The-Art Security
We have an infrared enhanced fence around the entire complex with two gated entrances with keypads. We have motion detectors working 24/7. We have 25 cameras recording day and night, every day of the week. You have a keypad on the outside of your storage unit.
Fire Security
Each unit is wired with its own sprinkler and fire alarm system. What does this mean for you? Your RV won’t be getting wet if someone else’s fire alarm goes off.
Wide Driving Aisles
No more dealing with tight corners and hidden curbs. We have wide driving aisles to make turning, backing up and driving your RV a breeze at Garage Plus Storage.
14' Doors And High Ceilings
All of our units have 14’ tall doors and ceilings that start at 17’ and go up to 20’. So when we say we have room for your prize RV, we really mean it.
RV Washing Station
Our washing station was built with every type of vehicle in mind, including your RV. Oh, by the way, our covered pressure washing station has a toll free air and water station.
24/7 Access
This means you can drop your RV off at any time and pick it up at any time.
Graywater Dump Area
We have a safe graywater dump area for your RV. We truly thought of everything you could need to store your RV at Garage Plus Storage.
It is easy to start your vacation when your RV is stored at Garage Plus Storage. Here are the steps!
  1. Drive to Garage Plus Storage.
  2. Pull your RV out.
  3. Drive your car in the unit.
  4. Drive off in your RV to start your vacation.
See how easy that is? If you liked what you read, then you need to get your private tour today!

It Wouldn’t Look This Cool Next To A Tricycle: How To Create The Ultimate Harley Man Cave

Your Harley deserves its own space and so do you. The garage used to be that space, only now it has been overtaken by storage, the car and the dreaded pink tricycle. Your Harley just doesn’t have that same cool factor sitting in a corner collecting dust.

You need a place to call your own, where you can relax, work on your Harley and live up the dream life.

You need a Harley Man Cave.

Now you could go and build an addition to your home or remodel that old shed, but who really has the time to do that? What you really need is a Garage Plus Storage Ultimate Harley Man Cave.
We’ve already come up with the Ultimate Harley setup.

Step One
Get a Garage Plus Storage space.

Step Two
Add custom flooring.

Step Three
Frame and put up your Harley posters. If you don’t have any Harley posters, we have a great resource for finding the posters here.

Step Four
Install a relaxation loft to maximize your space.

Step Five
Bring your big screen to your Man cave and put it up in the loft. (There is cable hook up in every space)

Step Six
Furnish your Man cave with a Harley bar stool and a Harley recliner.

Step Seven
Have a custom cabinet for your tools brought in.

Step Eight
Install shelves to proudly display your Harley collectibles.

Schedule a private tour today to learn more about how Garage Plus Storage is the perfect place for your Ultimate Harley Man Cave.