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Can I really afford to buy at Garage Plus Storage?

If you can afford to pay monthly rental fees at a typical car, boat, RV, or other heated storage facility, you can afford to purchase your garage at Garage Plus. Prices starting as low as $298 a month!

Additional Member Benefits:

  • $2,000 coupon to trick out your man cave
  • Easy Financing
  • 3 months garage owner dues paid

Your new garage condo includes…


Work on your vehicle in your Garage Plus Storage unit

Yes, you read that correctly! We at Garage Plus worked diligently with the county to secure the one and only Active Use Permit the county has ever issued. This is what makes Garage Plus so fantastic and unique.  Each garage is designed to be your own special place on earth, where you can work on your project car, your favorite hobby, or anything else you can dream up.


Charity Event Benefits Charlie’s Dinosaur

Come join Garage Plus Storage, Crime Stoppers, and PCMARVETS on June 30th as we present an all-day community event supporting foster children through Charlie’s Dinosaur! From 9am to 10pm Garage Plus will be hosting a 4×4 truck show with an RTI ramp competition, and showcasing a pro-wrestling Battle Royale for the heavy weight belt title put on by NGW with promoter, Coach Mike Jones! Come enjoy Shambala, the world’s number one 3 Dog Night tribute band and a renowned special musical guest! You won’t want to miss this fun filled event. Come have a blast as we help raise money for foster children!


Garage Plus Photo Contest

Do you think you know Pierce County? Prove it during our G+ Photo Contest. Each week we will be posting two new pictures, on our website, highlighting local landmarks. The first person to post a comment correctly identifying one of the landmarks will win a $25 gas card.


Big Toys Need A Big Toy Box

Size does matter…

Have a king size boat, a plus size RV Garage Plus is the perfect place to store your toys where size does matter. In our King Plus which is our largest garage, you can park the largest of motor homes, put the bump-outs out, and still have room to walk around your RV!


The Coolest Car Ever – Chevy Camaro!

Did you know that the first Chevy Camaro was built in 1966? It was the infamous '67 Camaro. It was built to compete with the Ford Mustang as a "pony car". There were 4 body styles over the years up until 2002 when production was suspended. Then in 2010, a concept style evolved into the 5th body style, reenergizing interest in the model.


Garage Plus Storage Features – Gated Entrance with Keypad

We Welcome You With Gated Entrances & Exits

The gated entrances and exits with the security keypad provide you with the convenience of 24/7 access without compromising your safety and security.

We do not believe in doing anything halfway.


Garage Plus Storage Features – Bathrooms and Showers

We Are Proud Of Our Bathrooms & Showers

How often do you hear about a business of any kind bragging about their bathrooms, and showers? We do! We are very proud of the care, and planning that went into designing the facilities at Garage Plus Storage. Not only will you find wheelchair accessible bathrooms, but showers and changing areas too! Why is this  important? It goes to show that we are looking out for your best interests.


Friday Night Cruise In

The "Friday Night Cruise In" is back! Bring your favorite ride and enjoy the company of fellow car lovers in the clubhouse! Spectators are welcome. Bring your appetite and enjoy the food while hanging out at the cruise in.

The clubhouse features a full kitchen, 6 flat screen TV's, and a pool table.


G+ Feature: The Amazing Community

Garage Plus was developed with the idea to provide a cohesive community where members could take pride in their "very special place on earth." The fantastic club house is really the center of member activity, and provides an atmosphere where people can just hang out, play pool, watch TV, or simply relax.

Throughout the year, special events are held at our club house such as car shows, theme-based seasonal events (such as our renowned Halloween event) and even charity fund raisers (such as helping our military).


Single Soldiers from 54th MP Brigade Welcomed Home

Single Soldiers from 54th MP Brigade welcomed home

By Melissa Renahan

In late March, 90 single soldiers from the 54th MP Brigade on Joint Base Lewis-McChord redeployed and were pleasantly surprised with what awaited them in the barracks.

A recent drive held by Garage Plus Storage in Spanaway, as a part of the AUSA Single Soldier Project, had yielded not only tons of goods for these soldiers, but also $1700 in cash that could go into the Project's standing fund.


Garage Plus Storage Features – Member Benefits: The Clubhouse

When designing the Garage Plus site, we carefully pondered on what would make this project unique and really special. The idea of a full-featured clubhouse came to mind. This is the central focal point of this outstanding project. There’s just nothing like it in the industry. It’s the gathering place for all of our members to hang out, have a party or meeting, relax and enjoy playing pool or watching a game or show. It’s a key benefit of owning or leasing one of our storage spaces.


Garage Plus Storage Features – 24 Hour Access

Garage Plus Storage is designed with YOU in mind! We give you 24/7 access to your garage! You no longer have to rush to beat the clock to get to your items from a typical storage unit! What a wonderful stress relief it is for those of us that have a life beyond 6pm at night!

How does 24/7 access benefit you?


Buick Club Potluck

Buick Club Potluck event pictures.


All Camaro Show (2012)

All Camaro Show (2012)