The Top 5 Reasons A Garage Plus Unit Can Benefit Your Business

Want to improve your business space and save money? Then maybe you should consider getting a Garage Plus Unit. Here are the top five reasons to get a Garage Plus Unit for your business.

1. Give Your Office More Space
Is your office getting cluttered with things you need kept safe? Our units are built for storing and preserving your precious files. The radiant in-floor heating the comes standard with every unit helps reduce the chances of mildew by providing dry even heat.. So you can have the spacious office of your dreams, AND keep your stuff safe.

2. Company Vehicles
Garage Plus Storage is a perfect place to store your company vehicles. Your vehicles would be easy to access 24/7 to all of your employees AND it would unclutter your driveway. Big or small, we have room for them all. We have units as big as 18’x55’. We will also keep your vehicle safe with 24/7 security.

3. Package & Palettes Accepted
You can have all of your shipments delivered straight to Garage Plus Storage. We will sign for the small packages, and hold them in our office until you can pick them up. This could save you a lot of time.

4. Save Money Per Square Foot
Per square foot, storing your inventory at Garage Plus Storage is probably more cost effective than storing it at your home office or retail space. Don’t throw away money paying more than you should to store your records, inventory, or equipment.

5. A Storage Unit That Perfect For YOU
Our units are fully customizable to fit your every need. Want to add a loft to make better use of these high ceilings? We can do that. Need some cabinets added? Sure thing. Need additional racks and shelves? We can do that too. The possibilities for your storage units are almost limitless!

Schedule your private tour today to learn more about how Garage Plus can benefit your business.